Fisheries & Conservation Science reports

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  1. Assessment of offshore habitats in the Cardigan Bay SAC. Report No. 14 (Part 1) – 2010
    Assessment of offshore habitats in the Cardigan Bay SAC. Report No. 14 (Part 2) – 2010
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  8. Welsh waters scallop survey June 2012 - Final Draft - Report No. 21 - December 2013
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  10. Habitat assessment of the area of the Cardigan Bay SAC proposed for a fishing intensity experiment. Report No. 23 - June 2013
  11. Sustainable Use of Fisheries Resources in Welsh Waters: Interim Report No. 24 - May 2013
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  13. Size distribution of the European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) caught around Welsh waters. Preliminary results of the first sampling months (May-August 2013). Report No. 26 - August 2013
  14. Variations in the abundance and spatial distribution of Palaemon serratus (Decapoda: Palaemonidae) in the littoral Zone of South Wales. MSc thesis. Report No. 27 - September 2013
  15. Taxonomic and functional recovery of epifauna after the permanent closure of an area of the Cardigan Bay Special Area of Conservation (SAC), Wales, to a scallop dredge fishery. MSc thesis. Report No. 28 - September 2013
  16. Investigating the abundance, distribution and habitat use of juvenile Cancer pagurus (L.) of the intertidal zone around Anglesey and Llŷn Peninsula, North Wales (UK). MSc thesis. Report No. 29 - October 2013
  17. Welsh waters scallop survey July-August 2013 - Final Draft - Report No. 30 - January 2014
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  25. CBFA report: The Common Prawn (Palaemon serratus) Literature Review. Report No. 38
  26. Cardigan Bay Palaemon serratus fishery report 2013-2014
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  28. Status of scallop populations in Welsh waters - Results of 3 years of research surveys 2012-2014. Report No.41 - January 2015
  29. The Inshore Fisheries of Wales: a study based on fishers' ecological knowledge. Report No. 42 - March 2015
  30. Economic performance and fishing strategies of the Welsh coastal fleet. Report No. 43 - March 2015
  31. Escape Gap Study in Cardigan Bay: consequences of using lobster escape gaps. A Preliminary Report. Report No. 44. - May 2015
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  35. Sustainable fisheries in Wales Progress report
  36. Fecundity of Cancer pagurus in Welsh waters, a comparison with published literature
  37. The size at maturity for the common whelk, Buccinum undatum in Welsh waters, with an industry perspective on minimum landing sizes
  38. Size at maturity of the edible crab (Cancer pagurus) in Welsh waters
  39. Socioeconomic and spatial review of recreational sea angling in Wales
  40. CBFA report: The common prawn fishery: a report on the monitoring of Palaemon serratus in Cardigan Bay between 2013 and 2015
  41. CBFA report: Recruitment patterns of the common prawn (Palaemon serratus) in Welsh waters
  42. CBFA report: Evaluating the Cardigan Bay common prawn fishery against MSC principles. A report for the Cardigan Bay Fisherman's Association. (This report contains commercially sensitive information and so is not available online)
  43. Population dynamics of the European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) in Welsh waters and management implications. Report No. 56 - May 2015
  44. The spawning of king scallop, Pecten maximus, in Welsh waters - a preliminary study
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  46. Cardigan Bay Fishing Intensity study - Infauna
  47. Cardigan Bay Fishing Intensity study - Physical
  48. Cardigan Bay Fishing Intensity study - Epifauna
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  50. Implementing parallel-paired lasers in on board camera systems for data collection in crustacean fisheries
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