Fisher Questionnaire

This questionnaire is vitally important as it will identify those areas of the coast that are most important to fishers, it will provide a portfolio of independent evidence for the fishing industry to use going forward, and it will inform our understanding of the biology of the commercially important species in Wales.

A fishers’ knowledge questionnaire has been developed to obtain information from fishers regarding fishing activity, bait use, economic importance, conflicts of interest, nursery areas and migration routes. The questionnaire includes a mapping exercise where both current and historical fishing areas are mapped and information pertaining to target species is obtained. This information will be used to guide the experimental design of the individual species projects and provide a better understanding of the spatial activity of fishing around Wales and the local ecology of target species. The precise extent of fishing grounds, for example, is important for the design of appropriate assessments with the industry. Results of the questionnaire should provide the industry with an activity inventory throughout Wales and highlight the importance of fishing grounds.

The consent form was finalised and three pilot questionnaires carried out with fishing industry representatives from the SUAG. Results from this led to refinement of the questionnaire, which was then sent to the software development company who delivered the final computerised questionnaire in May 2013. The informed consent form will allow Bangor University to protect the information given in the questionnaire. This document also outlines how data will be used, shared and published and consultation with the industry on this issue will be ongoing.

Progress update:
The fishers’ knowledge questionnaire is underway with 61 questionnaires currently completed; 29 in North Wales, 11 in Mid Wales, and 21 in South Wales. We are looking to schedule fishers for interviews, so if you are interested please contact Julia ( You can register on our website (just click on the ‘Get Involved’ link at

Questionnaire flyer english

Questionnaire flyer welsh

Final update:

The fisher questionnaire has now been completed and a report of the results is now available:
The Inshore Fisheries of Wales: a study based on fishers’ ecological knowledge - Report No.42

Economic questionnaire

Outline and Aims:
Estimating the economic performance of fishing vessels and the cash flow generated by the fishing industry is a fundamental prerequisite, firstly for formulating and then for implementing any management plan. The lack of catch and economic data collected in relation to fishing areas makes it difficult to formulate and implement spatial regulations, which have become a mainstay of fisheries management. Therefore, it is necessary to implement data collection methods that can fill in these gaps, especially in regions where the fishing activity plays an essential socioeconomic role.

The general aim of the economic questionnaires is to estimate the economic performance of the commercial fleet operating in Welsh waters, to relate it with the exploited fishing areas, and to estimate the cash flow generated. In particular we aim to:

1. Provide economic information of the fishing fleet, describing its cost structure and economic performance;

2. Estimate the economic indicators for both the individual production unit (vessel) and the fishing ground.

3. Estimate the cash flow generated by the inshore fisheries in Wales.

The questionnaire scheme and the consent form have now been finalised. The informed consent form will allow Bangor University to protect the information given in the questionnaire.

Progress update:
A total of 50 economic interviews have been completed so far around Wales. Thanks to all those fishers who have given up their time to help. These interviews are essential to assess the economic performance of the inshore fisheries around Wales and they will be related to the current fishing grounds (obtained from the fisher questionnaire) to estimate the possible economic consequences of different management measures. Thanks to all fishers involved. The economic indicators for the studied fleet will be presented by April 2014.

Contact:, 01248 382615.

Remember this survey is important because it will address the current undervaluation of the value of commercial fisheries to the Welsh economy and hence bring fisheries issues higher up the agenda.

Final update:

The economic questionnaire has now been completed and a report of the results is now available:
Economic performance and fishing strategies of the Welsh coastal fleet - Report No. 43