Video & Images

Drop down camera footage from work with Brett Garner

Footage from the drop down camera to identify the habitat types where pots to capture juvenile crab and lobster are located. Thanks to Brett Garner for all his help!

The flying array

Footage from trials with the flying array - This has been designed to film over rough, rocky and fragile habitats. To find out more see Flying array.

On-board camera footage from fisher Sion Williams

The videos below show the type of footage we receive from the fishing vessels. To find out more see Stock Assessments: On board camera catch composition monitoring.

Video footage showing a berried female lobster in the catch

Video footage showing brown crab sorted in the catch

Fisher, Len Walters, habitat survey

For more information see Mini Sled Surveys

Cardigan Bay - 6-9 Oct 2012

For more images CLICK HERE

Curled octopus, Eledone cirrhosa                                        Curled octopus, Eledone cirrhosa

Edible crab, Cancer pagurus                                            Spider crab, Maja squinado/Maja brachydactyla

RV Prince Madog Habitat survey

For more information see Scallop Habitat & Stock Assessment Surveys

Liverpool Bay, Llyn Peninsula & Cardigan Bay - October 2012

Photos: Esther Barber Lluch

Images (clockwise from top left): Camera sled being deployed, monitor showing live footage of habitat video during each tow, Day grab with sediment being collected after a grab, sieving and washing the sample.


Skid gear trials

For more information see Skid Trials.

Liverpool Bay – 19 Oct 2012

Photos: Harriet Salomonsen + Hilmar Hinz

Images (clockwise from top left): Scallop dredges with skids just visible attached to the underside, the catch on the conveyer belt after hauling, load cell measuring warp tension (this feeds back to a computer system), Jim Evans and Mark Gray on deck.

Cardigan Bay – 30 Oct 2012

Photos: Harriet Salomonsen

Images (clockwise from top left): Steel skids attached to the scallop dredges, dredges and catch after being hauled, sorting the catch, and weighing the catch and measuring and ageing scallops.