Scallop Fisheries

The English Channel

During the last two weeks of August 14, Claire Catherall completed a major part of the data collection for her PhD, which is focussed on gathering data to inform sustainable management of the King scallop fishery in the English Channel.

Claire and a team of 7 scientists from Bangor University surveyed scallop populations and associated species composition; habitat and sediment types at a number of selected sampled sites, covering scallop fishing grounds in the Eastern and Western Channel.

 The research was conducted on the Bangor University research vessel, the RV Prince Madog.

A mid-cruise break took place in Brixham on 26th August, and the team invited anyone that was interested to come on board the Prince Madog to have a look and find out more about the science being done.

Updates throughout the cruise, and the estimated arrival time into Brixham on 26th August were posted on the 'Fisheries and Conservation Science Group, Bangor University' Facebook page.

Thanks to all those that visited us in Brixham on the 26th!