Isle of Man Fisheries and Conservation Research

Bangor University's Fisheries and Conservation Science Group has undertaken research for the Isle of Man’s Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture since 2007. The research focuses on achieving sustainable and economically viable fisheries within an ecosystem context. We are assessing the health of a number of commercially important shellfish stocks (king scallop, queen scallop, edible crab, lobster and whelk) as well as a number of species that are the focus of emerging fisheries. In addition we are quantifying bycatch and discards, as well as focusing on the ecosystem through habitat surveys and studies examining the impacts of different fishing gears. We use state of the art techniques utilising fishery-dependent data from both mobile gear (e.g. VMS, high resolution GPS and logbook) and static gear (e.g. onboard camera systems) fisheries to understand how the Island's commercial fisheries resources are exploited and how their management can be improved.

The work is funded by the Isle of Man's Department for Environment, Food and Agriculture.

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