The Bangor University Fisheries and Conservation Science group is based in Menai Bridge on the Menai Straits, North Wales, UK. This is the location of the School of Ocean Sciences, one of the largest university marine science departments in Europe. The office is ideally situated with easy access to the wide range of research facilities here.



RV Prince Madog

Prince Madog and equipment

The Fisheries and Conservation Science group operates part of its survey work from the RV Prince Madog. This is a purpose built 34m research and survey vessel commissioned by Bangor University. It is managed and operated by P&O Maritime Services. On board there are wet and dry laboratories as well as a suite of oceanographic equipment making this an ideal platform from which to conduct our fisheries and habitat surveys.

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Field equipment

Field equipment Sediment grab

Hamon & Day Grabs

Benthic (sea floor) sampling is conducted using Hamon and Day grabs
(sediment grabs) available at the School of Ocean Sciences.

Trawls & Dredges

Fisheries sampling is carried out using otter, beam trawls and
scallop dredges.

Underwater camera systems

Habitat survey is carried out using a drop down camera sled.
This is our underwater camera system mounted to a steel frame thatThe CTD
runs along the sea floor taking images and videos of the habitat.

Sidescan Sonor

Sidescan sonor is used to create an image of large areas of the sea
floor, enabling us to build a broad picture of the spatial distribution of
marine habitats.


The CTD (Conductivity, temperature, depth) uses different sensors to
measure the physical properties of the sea such as salinity and
temperature as well as nutrient and sediment concentrations.


3m beam trawlUnderwater cameras